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Monday, November 29, 2021



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Members, there is a couple of updates with Sweepstakes Today LLC and the website.

First, we just had our 18th year anniversary for our domain. The website went live online at the end of February 2004. If you would have asked me that we would still be in business, I wouldn’t have given you a straight answer on that question. I am happen good things worked out well for the site and all of you.

You will be seeing some new banners added to the site soon and I some pages being rearrangement. Some of this comes from the brew ha-ha with Google and their changes. Yes, the class action against Google is moving along well and keep the popcorn buttered.

I take no pleasure in saying this, but I had to suspend two members, one each from the different sides of the political spectrum. I am giving each one time to redeem themselves as good people I know they are and to keep the comments about the sweepstakes and sweeping. I cut a lot of slack with both before I acted.
Understand I am busy as hell and when I must take nearly two hours to take down comments, well the violators are cutting into my time which I really don’t any to spare. If you want to talk about non-sweeping subjects that might be questionable, take it to Twitter, Facebook or any other site of your choosing, but not use ST as your sounding board.

There were a ton of 4 or 5-year-old emails that were sent but not recently sent out by us. These were emails that was sent out by our emailing company SendGrid. The best we can figure out is these emails were for username and password retrieval but were never sent by SendGrid to begin with. We have no idea why they were sent in the past week. If I were to guess this might be related to SendGrid being bought out and maybe they were cleaning up their servers.

Mr. Softie and I have been talking about putting up not a forum but a page about your wins and that you can comment. Don’t expect this soon simply because we have a ton of other projects we are working on right now. Our main interest is building the page ourselves for security reasons. We have also talked about putting up a whole new front page that will be nearly all contents about ST and sweeping. I won’t discuss the details behind this but to give up a very clean look for that “G” company and their search engine. More later if this happens.

Last, we had a very big winner of one of the Omaze.com free entry sweeps. The winner is a lady I have known long before ST. The special part was her husband Ron, was a close friend who I grew up with since elementary school. Ron died a few of years ago sadly but will not be forgotten. I know Ron would be looking down with a giant smile and enjoying the moment.

I am sure you will be hearing from me again for the upcoming holidays.

Thanks again and “Go win something!”

Craig McDaniel, President
Mr. Sweepy


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