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Members, the URL where you normally find the sweepstakes is the 66 page court filing in the state of California, a lawsuit file on behalf of Sweepstakes Today LLC verses GOOGLE LLC, ALPHABET INC. and YOUTUBE, LLC.

I am sharing this with you and all of your sweeper friends because this is now a matter of public record. While you will read the names of two attorney's representing ST, there are additional attorneys across the country also involved that are responsible in seeing this case filed. As a whole, I named the all of the attorneys as "Team Sweepy". While this name is with a sense of humor all of you know I have, I can assure you this filing is very serious. The team of attorneys are some of the best in the USA. Team Sweepy says there were additional antitrust court files and the case will likely grow.

Mr. Sweepy will give you updates as they present themselves. With that said, Team Sweepy attorney's ask me not to directly talk about the filings and evidence in the case. I agreed to this. So I ask sincerely, I will not answer your questions about the case. I will talk about the website, winning prizes and the sweepstakes.

Thank you for your years of support and love of the best online hobby in America. Personally, I thank you for being family to me.

Go win something!

Craig McDaniel, President
Sweepstakes Today LLC
Mr. Sweepy


Review and Additional Information

12/20/20 Update: News story from Fox Business News
Google hit with 2 new antitrust lawsuits from 4 private publishers


12/21/20 two stories from Media Post


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