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Thursday, December 31, 2020



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Members, I started a test of a website called This is a writers/publishers website that allows for publishing of non-affiliated writers to submit stories and articles.

With the entry URL, I have story named "Internet Security and Sweepstakes". I wrote this because of a sweep sponsor who I consider fake and I share my review of this fake promotion. I did intentionally misspell the sponsor's name for security reasons and would be picked up in the search engines. However you can figure out the name but don't write about what you think it is.

I take sweepstakes and internet security very seriously. This particular con is disturbing because they are using a second level method of buying multiple domain names, extensions and multiple IP addresses. The purpose as I see it, is to acquire large number of email addresses, names and more.

This is why from day one of ST, I have maintained that we publish only sweepstakes and contest that we can verify the sponsors. Further I prefer Fortune 500 brand companies above all else. The reason here is they have very tight security, do fulfill on all of the prizes and generally don't sell names.

Last, there is no real sweepstakes security platform for all sweepers. Many of you also visit other websites. Maybe it is past time that the other websites join me in this cause. If you would pass this along, I would be appreciated. .

Mr. Sweepy


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