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Wednesday, April 01, 2020



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Members, All of us know about the change of life and daily routine changes because of the Corona Virus. I have not heard of any member who has acquired the virus and I am sure all of us don't want to hear about the loss of life. If you, a family member, co-worker or friend has been infected, you have our prayers.

From the information I have been receiving about the online advertising and sweepstakes market, there will be a slow down in the number and quality of sweepstakes coming April. There is no escape from this simply because the people who create and the agencies who manage the sweeps are off work and staying home. The other problem is many sweeps are part of promotions for an event like NASCAR, pro baseball or new movie premieres or a new product. Every sweep or contest is create for a reason, a theme, or many additional reasons. This is why we have many sweeps on a consistent basis. This will be changing for sure. How much sweeps will be lost it is to say.

What you can do is to go through all the sweeps on ST and add any dailies to your Lucky List that you might have missed or pasted on earlier. I know I even miss sweeps that I want to follow for business reasons. And as always, check the sweeps in Last Chance Sweeps.

If you do win a prize over the next couple of months, it may take longer to see fulfillment. If you win a trip prize, you are going to have to play this by ear. You might be offered a cash alterative or some other prize. Yes, there are the rules that you see but the virus might be changing to reflex common sense. If this happens the sponsors will usually go out of their way to be more than fair with you.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and go win something!

Craig McDaniel
Mr. Sweepy


Review and Additional Information

Part 2, 3/23/20
Members I am touched by those who are suffering directly by the virus. When I wrote this post a few days ago, personally, I was being overly optimistic in thinking that ST members would not be hit hard by the virus. I was wrong. To the members who have been directly impacted, you have my heartfelt sympathies. I am sure now that there are other members who are effected in some manner that we have not heard from. Prays to all and the belief that everyone recovers this awful disease.

to the message about another sweep site that included a charitable contribution for entries, I am going to pass on their sweeps. I have seen a increase of such sites that to support the site they are data mining. This is in part because they create no products or offer services to the consumers. While ST does not offer either, we are supported only from advertising. I have stayed away from data selling but I can not promise this practice will stay the same if I were to sell the company in the future.
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