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Thursday, December 31, 2020



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As you maybe aware of, there have been a number of browser and operating system (OS) updates by Microsoft. Including in this is Windows 7 is no longer issuing security updates.

What this means is Windows 7 is still functional, this will become outdated soon if not already. You will be left with Windows 10. Mr. Softie, ST's developer and still involved in Microsoft's technical MVP teaching program, tells me that Windows 10 is designed to be their last OS. The simple reason is developing a operating system is very expensive. Windows 10 is designed to have greater flexibility in it updates and more secure.

I have been testing for about 3 months different combinations of both Windows 7, Windows 10 and the following browsers; old version of Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge both available for Windows 10 and now for Windows 7. Finally with Google Chrome.

Here is my opinions and recommendations. If you must stay with Windows 7 because your computer does not have the power to use Windows 10, then use the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. My biggest concern is the security concerns with the older combinations. Example I get a Norton Antivirus screen that will come up with Explorer 11 and Windows 7. I don't use Norton. This does not come up with Edge or Chrome.

For sweeping, Google Chrome is the best because of their auto fill program. Chrome does a very good job of filling in the entry information and is fast. However the new Windows 7 and Edge is very close in performance. The reason is both Microsoft and Google have been cooperating on the "Cloud" technology.

I don't have a opinion on Apple products. Sorry. Also I have Firefox but I don't use it and have not done any testing on their browser.

If you having a login issue to ST, please clear out your cookies and temporary internet files then log back in. This solves 99 percent of the problems you might experience.

Last, Google is making a major change by going cookieless. This will have a effect on sweeping but the details on not clear. You will able to have a ST cookie and you will have My Lucky List however the cookie is about personal tracking by third party marketing companies. My thinking is this change might and stress might, create new and bigger sweepstakes opportunities. It is hard to say at this point how it will change the online advertising but sure Google will let us know.

Mr. Sweepy


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