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Saturday, November 30, 2019


Prize Details

(3) Premiere Prizes. Each Premiere Prize consists a trip for Premiere Prize winner and one guest to attend a special advance screening of the Picture in Los Angeles, California, provided that the Premiere (and all travel associated with this Prize) shall occur by 12/31/2019. Each Premiere Prize will include: tickets for Premiere Prize winner and Guest to attend the Premiere ARV of $40; round-trip coach airfare for Premiere Prize winner and Guest from the major airport nearest winner’s residence to travel to the location of the Premiere ARV of $1,000.00; and hotel accommodation at a hotel selected by Sponsor (one room; double occupancy and room tax only) for three days and two nights at or near the Premiere location ARV of $1000.00). Total ARV of the each Premiere Prize is $2,040.00.

(2) Hometown Screening Prizes, each of which shall consist of one private screening of the Picture for up to fifty of winner’s friends at a location in or near such Hometown Screening Prize winner’s place of residence

(5) Personal Greeting Prizes, each of which shall consist of one video personalized greeting recorded by certain cast members of the Picture that will be emailed to each Personal Greeting Prize winner. ARV of each Personal Greeting Prize is $0.

(20) Dewars Bar Set Prizes, each of which shall consist of Dewars glassware ARV of each is $395. Dewars Bar Set does not contain any alcohol and is glassware-only. Total ARV of all Dewars Bar Set Prizes is $7900.

(25) Signed Poster Prizes, each of which shall consist of one poster for the Picture, signed by talent and/or filmmakers of the Picture ARV of each Signed Poster Prize is $10. ARV of all Signed Poster Prizes is $250.

(50) Movie Prize Packs, the winners of which shall each receive one package of promotional material for the Picture ARV of $10. Total ARV of all Movie Prize Packs is $500.

(500) Poster Prizes, each of which shall consist of one poster for the Picture ARV of $1. Total ARV of all Poster Prizes is $500.

(2500) Movie Ticket Prizes, each of which shall consist of one single ticket to the Picture, delivered by digital code redeemable via online ticketing service, redeemable at participating theaters (ARV of $15). Total ARV of all Movie Ticket Prizes is $37,500.

(1) Grand Prize shall consist of a cash prize of $250,000.

Total ARV of all prizes is $302,970.


Legal residents of the US who are at least 18 years at time of entry.

Depending on the difficulty of each puzzle, you may get more than one entry for solving it correctly. The number of entries a clue is worth is indicated in that clue’s section.

Review and Additional Information

You must answer a clue correctly.
1. Getting Warmer. Hint: Ransom is a master at getting under people’s skin. To see what covers his, go south of Harlan and east of Blanc. SWEATER

2. Point of Departure. Hint: Some games are fun, some are deadly, but Harlan put this game above the train. THE NEEDLE GAME

3. Heads Up. Hint: The desperate son-in-law better be careful with this dangerous object looming large. KNIFE

4. The Diligent Detective. Hint: With this near to his heart, the investigator is well-suited for keeping evidence undisturbed. HANDKERCHIEF

5. Suspicious Words. Hint: It’s 1:37. Time to confirm what Benoit Blanc suspects. FOUL PLAY

6. Guardian Angel. Hint: For Harlan, writing is divine but this game is sacred. BASEBALL

7. Words are Weapons. Hint: The family’s uniform opinion is the troll needs to be silenced. Could the five of these fasten his mouth shut? BUTTONS

8. Sense for Danger. Hint: If this animal’s instincts were as sharp as the detective, it wouldn’t have been left high and dry. BOBCAT

9. An Eye for Evidence. Hint: This instrument can warp the facts, so be careful how you handle it. MAGNIFYING GLASS

10. Master of Disguise. Hint: Add it up, and you’ll discover what the real estate mogul hates putting on. _ Handles, _ Green Candles, _ Drawers, _ Red Hats, _ Necklace Rings, _ Painted People FACADE

11. Deadly Diagnosis. Hint: The caretaker will never be caught unprepared as long as she holds close to this. BACKPACK

12. Divided Attention. Hint: What is the only thing stopping Walt from getting both of his hands on Harlan’s publishing company? CANE

13. Shades of Truth. Hint: Things can close in pretty quick for a desperate son-in-law. If he doesn’t change his ways these three objects may signal his fate. CURTAINS

14. Fashion Victim. Hint: Wearing a pink scarf is a bold look; being this while wearing a pink scarf can be fatal. HEADLESS

15. Going Green. Hint: The lifestyle guru weaves her customers’ insecurities into a lucrative tapestry and this sin is a best-seller. ENVY

16. Slippery Slope. Hint: For the trust fund playboy, this might symbolize it’s all downhill from here. BOBSLED
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