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Tuesday, October 15, 2019



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Members, A handful of you have questions about what is happening on the site. It is a good time to bring you up to date. In about 3 weeks, we will be updating the site to .NET 3.0. This will greatly improve sweeping on mobile smart phones. These changes will also correct some things with screen size changes on desktops and laptops as well. However the big thing you will see is a faster website because of the improved programming and because we will be moving from server based to the Microsoft Cloud.

After this, we will be adding a membership service. The free use of the site will site be available but with fewer features like My Lucky List. The basic membership will have limited number of sweeps that can be placed on your MLL. Then there will be other features and services you can add to your service. The purpose of different services is some members enter many sweeps per day while others will use less. Within our equation is level of advertising we will lose. So we are looking for a fair balance for all.

In regards to the website improvements, we are going to add or change some of the prize and sweep categories. An example would be to add the category for "Pets". When we last realigned our categories about 10 years ago, we created the low number of categories to comply with Google. Today, this has changed again.

To the questions about Mysavings.com, I am running a handful of sweep which they do pay us. In nearly all, I replace their page link. They receive banner revenue but does not require clicking to sign up to receive coupons. After testing their links, I am satisfied that there are no issues other than having a extra page to click through to get to the sweep you intended to enter. They also reached out to me for help for ideas about creating new sweepstakes.

Back to sweepstakes. After all of the near future updates and improvements, this will give us the flexibility to expand sweeping to a whole new level for the members. We have had ideas for years but never in the possible to create some of them.

Thanks again for your support of Mr. Sweepy over all the years. I know you will love the future of ST and our plans to improve sweeping for all.

Craig McDaniel, President of Sweepstakestoday.com.
Mr Sweepy


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