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Monday, December 31, 2018



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Hello ST Members,

In about 3 weeks, Sweepstakes Today LLC would have been incorporated for 15 years. The website went live on the net late February/first week of March of 2004. I financed the company with money out of my own pocket, mainly from the second truck I won. I also used a credit card to run the company’s first year overhead. Pretty much since then, up to the last couple of years, the company has been profitable. Things have drastically changed in online advertising.

The financial problems are very real, and I wouldn't consider GoFundMe unless there was a serious issue. Over the years, ST has been very successful and profitable. Mainly because I made a commitment to build a nest egg. This was in part because I was seeing nice ad dollars coming in but because I knew some day, the ship would come home, and the good days would slow down or come to an end. Instead it was a lot worse than I even thought would happen.

The problem in online advertising is distribution of the quality ads is not fair and the distributors mainly Google, controls the amount paid to the publishers. This is the heart of the problem. about 5 or 6 years ago, we were making over 100 times more per day than what we are today. Yes, that is correct, over 100 times. Over this time, I reduced expenses down to the bare minimum. We still are losing money today.
Another major problem with Google is in Google Search. ST was on the first page in the top slot for the Keyword “Sweepstakes”. We held that position for the good part of 2 to 3 years out of over 100 million internet postings for keyword "Sweepstakes". Now we might be on page 20. Part of the reason is ST is labeled as a “Index website” and Google made an example out of Mr. Sweepy. Worse, Google started to rate Russian hacker’s URL links higher than Sweepstakestoday.com URL links. They know it and penalized me for complaining about it. Especially when I told off a Google expert about the thousand of bad URL addresses that connected to hundreds of other websites including more spam websites. If you want to know why Google doesn’t do anything about this problem, it is because by Google allowing this to happen they make millions more. Fairness doesn’t exist any longer.

Last, only a few people know but I had a heart attack. At first, I didn't think so and thought I had a chest cold and allergies. I even drove myself to the hospital. Boy was I wrong. I ended up with 3 stints that night and 4 more the next month. This had a big effect on ST also. I feel pretty good now but a little less on the daily work amount in part because of medication. Still a good trade off. I will say that my identical twin brother died very recently of nearly the same identical heart symptoms. I simply ask you to not ignore what seems to be minor medical issues and get checked out.

I haven't post on ST earlier in part because I was communicating with a white knight who was looking at what we were doing business wise. While this white knight will likely not be able to help, I did receive good ideas about online advertising and how to correct the issues that Mr. Sweepy faces.
There is more to this, but this give you the big picture. I am looking to buy some time, so I can fix this mess. No guarantees I can fix it, but has you known me, I will not quit without trying everything to safe my love, passion and family, you the members of ST.

Last on the future of ST, we are the last of the big sweepstakes websites not to charge a premium service fee to our members. ST has survived totally on advertising. This might change even though I don’t want to. If this happens, any GoFundMe donations will apply to the first-year premium membership fee.

Craig McDaniel, President
aka - Mr. Sweepy


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