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Friday, August 24, 2018


Prize Details

One (1) prize is available to be won. The winner, subject to verification, will receive McDonald’s food for Life (for the winner only), up to two meals per week for fifty (50) years, awarded as a $1,000 credit on winner’s McDonald’s App and $35,400 cash, plus $15,600 to offset taxes on the prize, awarded as a check for $51,000. Winner will also receive a custom gold-plated phone case.

Total ARV: $52,350.

Winner may choose a cash alternative of $1,000 in lieu of $1,000 App credit, added to check.


Open only to individuals who are residents of the Territory and who are thirteen (13) years of age or older on the Day of participation.

There is a limit of one (1) “Entry” (Mobile Order & Pay or AMOE Entry email) per Participant per Day (regardless of Entry method and regardless of the number of purchases that a Participant makes using Mobile Order & Pay during any given Day).

Review and Additional Information

HOW TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES. There are two ways to enter the Sweepstakes during the Entry Period:

A. By Making a Purchase Using Mobile Order & Pay in the McDonald’s App: To enter, you will need a Digital Device (defined below) and a valid email address. Any such eligible Participant must first download and install the McDonald’s App on their qualifying iOS or Android Device (e.g., an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android Galaxy Tab, etc.) (each a “Digital Device”) if they do not already have the McDonald’s App installed. Data rates may apply. The McDonald’s App is free, but only available in the Apple App Store or Google Play (for iOS/Android). In the App Store, compatibility requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In Google Play, compatibility requires Android 4.4 or later. Use of the McDonald’s App is subject to the Terms & Conditions for the McDonald’s App, which can be found in the “About, Contact & Legal” tab in the App menu. Once you have downloaded the McDonald’s App, complete the registration process including providing a valid email address. You will need to enable “Location Services” and include your email address and a valid payment card in your App settings in order to use Mobile Order & Pay. Winners will be notified via email or push message. Agreeing to receive push messages from the McDonald’s App is not required, but please consider doing so, so Sponsor has more than one way to contact you if you are a winner. You will automatically receive one (1) Entry into the Sweepstakes when you use Mobile Order & Pay in the McDonald’s App during the Entry Period. Note: If due to any mechanical, technical or human error, you are not able to place an order using Mobile Order & Pay, please refer to the instructions below on how to enter without making a purchase.

B. Via Email Without Making a Purchase: To receive one (1) AMOE Entry without using Mobile Order & Pay, send an email to and put only the date you are sending the email in numeric format (mm/dd/yy) in the subject line and your first/last name in the body of the email. Note: AMOE Entries must be received by the Redemption Center (see Rule 5) on the same date noted in the subject line or they will be disqualified.
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