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Monday, April 15, 2024


Prize Details

(6) WEEKLY prize packages, one awarded each WEEK of SIX WEEKS. There will be (1) GRAND PRIZE Package awarded after the Sweepstakes Deadline indicated below as WEEK 7.

Week 1 Sat, 2-Mar-Fri, 8-Mar, RDRCO/ MotoSport Package Total Value: $326.96
RDRCO Octane Combo (PJG), $153.97
RDRCO Moto Socks, $12.99
MotoSport Roller Gear Bag, $160.00

Week 2 Sat, 9-Mar-Fri, 15-Mar, Renthal Package Total Value: $465.02
Renthal Twin Wall Oversized Bars, $186.45
Renthal Grips, $20.99
Renthal Chain Sprocket Kit, $267.58

Week 3 Sat, 16-Mar-Fri, 22-Mar, Gaerne Package Total Value: $602.99
Gaerne SG12 Boots, $602.99

Week 4 Sat, 23-Mar-Fri, 29-Mar, Matrix Package Total Value: $319.90
Matrix M64 Stand, $159.95
Matrix M31 Worx Toolbox, $159.95

Week 5 Sat, 30-Mar-Fri, 4-Apr, Bell Helmet/ EKS Brand Package Total Value: $548.95
Bell Moto 9 Helmet, $449.95
EKS Brand Lucid Goggles, $99.00

Week 6 Sat, 5-Apr-Fri, 12-Ap, Yoshimura Package Total Value: $789.00
Yoshimura Rs-12/RS-4 Slip-On, $789.00

Week 7 Sat,13-Apr-Mon,15-Apr, Grand Prize Total Value: $14,348.08
Yamaha TTR110, $3,160.00
Yoshimura Builders Series RS-3, $299.00
Dunlop Geomax MX33 Rear (x2), $105.90
Dunlop Geomax MX33 Front (x2), $109.90
Rim - Aluminum, 12"x1.60"x32h, $99.95
Rim - Aluminum, 14"x1.40"x32h, $99.95
Tall Seat Assembly (Blue), $119.95
Shock Spring - TTR110, $109.95
Fork Springs - TTR110, $99.95
Swingarm - Stock Comp Signature, $569.95
Brake Cable - 7" Extended, $29.95
Skid Plate - Silver, $129.95
Tripleclamp - Std Bar, Silver / TTR110, $249.95
Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding, $39.95
Fusion Graphx Custom Graphic Kit, $200.00
Renthal Grips, $20.99
Renthal Chain, $56.99
RDRCO Octane Combo (PJG), $153.97
RDRCO Moto Socks, $12.99
MotoSport Roller Gear Bag, $160.00
Gaerne SG22 Boots, $729.99
EKS Brand Lucid Goggles, $99.00
Bell Moto10 Helmet, $869.95
Matrix M64 Stand, $159.95
Matrix M31 Worx Toolbox, $159.95
Washougal VIP Package, $5,000.00
Visa Gift Card, $500.00
Motoshippers, $1,000.00
Total Sweepstakes ARV: $17,410.90 USD


Except residents of Florida, New York, and Rhode Island, Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the United States and District of Columbia, age 18 or older.

Entrant can submit one entry per WEEK before the Sweepstakes Deadline.

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