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My Lucky List

How to Use – My Lucky List

My Lucky List ™ is designed to help you track sweepstakes you want to enter on a regular basis.  The categories of sweepstakes you can track are:
Instant Win
24 Hour Entries
Unlimited Entry

We have NO limit of the number of sweepstakes you can track in your Lucky List now.

Since there are entries which most of the time you will be only entering once, My Lucky List™ will not be tracking them. Categories that we have excluded from My Lucky List are:

One Time Entries
Drop Box
Watch and Win
Buy and Find
Second Chance Drawing

Adding a sweep to My Lucky List™

On the sweepstake title page (the page that shows details and information about the sweepstakes) , you will see a button asking if you want to add this sweep to your list.  If you want to add this sweep, click the button – Add to My Lucky List.

If the color is red, this means that you have not added this sweep to your Lucky List.

My Lucky Lis

If the color is green, you have successfully added this sweep to you Lucky List.

My Lucky List

Your Lucky List

On Sweepstakes Today, you will see in several locations where you can find the link to your own My Lucky List™.

My Lucky List

You can find the link on:

The front page
All Sweepstakes List pages

Removing a sweep from your list

A sweepstakes will automatically be removed from your list when the sweep expires.  You can also remove a sweep by clicking on the remove button next to the sweep you have listed.

    Click this box to remove the sweep from your Lucky List.

You can also remove a sweep from your Lucky List on the sweepstakes Entry Page by pressing this button.

Remove from my Lucky List

One time entry tracking

You can now track your one time entry sweep. When you see a RED One Time Entered box, this means you have not clicked through the sponsor’s sweepstakes.

One Time Entered

Once you click through to a sweep, a GREEN One Time Entered. This will tell you that you have click through though to the sponsor sweep. It will not tell you if you actually entered with the sponsor’s sweep.

One Time Entered

Once entered, a date will appear when you clicked through to the sweep.

Entered On

If you want to enter this sweep at a later time,  you can click the RED Remove Entry Flag and the it will show that this sweep has not been entered.