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Tuesday, October 05, 2021



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Every couple of years, I write to you about comments on posted in the sweeps. Recently, there have been several regarding politics, sexuality and religion. As always, I ask that you do not to post anything regarding subjects that are sensitive in nature. There are websites like Facebook, Twitter and others that you can express your opinion about.

Sweepstakes Today is about sweepstakes, winning and family. For a website, ST shows more love and respect for each than any other website on the net.

If you have the urge in writing anything questionable, talk to me first. If not, I might delete the comment if it is "Over the Top", and suspend your privileges to write any future comments. I take no pleasure in doing but it's for the best for all members.

If you have tried to reach me on Facebook, I have been removed from them and the reason hasn't been disclosed to me. I know it wasn't for politics because I make none on this site. This leave two reasons. I have blocked many fake Chinese accounts for years. Simply, if they were real, they should know we do not publish Chinese eligible sweeps because there are none. The second is I have been blocking a large number of online hookers from is a Facebook owner messenger site. Could the reason be connected to the Google lawsuit, I have no knowledge of any such relationship. Nevertheless, I didn't deserve such treatment from Facebook. I will say that ST has a very strong presents in online advertisement and is ahead against Facebook in many ways in the US market.

Last, I receive a wonderful email this week from Upitis. He has been a member since 2006 and has won many big sweeps. His email about winning $7,000 in the Anheuser Busch Cheers to Better Times sweeps. Thanks for the inspiring email.

Thanks as always, and go win something!

Craig McDaniel
Mr. Sweepy


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